Thursday, July 7, 2016

Beauty: Bridal Hair - Choosing your Perfect Bridal Hair Style

hair style
I cannot possibly give you definitive bridal hair styles and tell you which one you should have - there are just too many factors to consider! But I can give you some guidelines and tips that should lead you to that perfect hair-do. Choosing a hair style be it bridal or everyday requires careful consideration of your appearance, your face shape and your style. When it comes to bridal hair your options are far ranging, from loose styles to fabulous up-does and combinations in between, but it is choosing the right look for your wedding style, your face and your wedding dress that will make it a success.

You can judge the quality of their work. If the styles all look very similar to each other you may want to go elsewhere, unless that is a style you like of course! Some salons do not get much by way of bridal work and so have very few styles in their repertoire, however if you are not after a formal style then they may be the right choice.
 A good tip is to collect together pictures of bridal hair styles you like. Look through bridal and hair magazines and take out pictures of different styles - up-does, down-does, half up half down-does! You may need to narrow your selection down depending on how many you may have picked. Consider each style on its merits, will it suit your face shape, will it suit your wedding outfit and will it suit your wedding style?

Take as many of these pictures as you want with you to the salon and get the stylists advice. A good stylist will quickly take out those styles that won’t suit you, those that wouldn’t suit your wedding style or would be impractical and leave you with those that you should consider.

 All that remains then is to have a trial run (or three) to find the right style for you. You may have bought your hair accessories already so take them along with, but if you haven’t then ask for some advice on what to choose - tiara, hair jewels, flowers, combs etc. You should also make the stylist aware if you are having a veil and the style of that veil. When you go for your trial appointment take your hair accessories and veil with you so you can see how they all look together. It would be a disaster on the wedding day to get your hair styled and veil and accessories in place only to find the whole look is awful!