Saturday, December 26, 2015

Different Hairstyles for Big Forehead

hairstyleDo you have a big, wide forehead? Are you not able to finalize a hairstyle for yourself that can give your face a perfect shape by hiding your wide and big forehead. If you think that nothing can be done to hide your extra large forehead, you are wrong. There are hairstyles which can make your forehead look proportionate to your face. Below are a few tips and hairstyles that you can switch to in order to make your big forehead look smaller and proportionate.
Bangs are one of the methods to mask a big forehead. Bangs serve as curtains to reduce the prominence of big forehead, making it look much more proportionate according to the face. There are different bangs available for different face shapes, hence it is very essential to choose which one suits you the best. Choose according to your facial angles and lines. Hairstylists generally recommend XXL bangs for females who have larger forehead. This size of bangs creates an illusion of a smaller and narrow forehead. The strands of the bangs cover the bare part of the forehead, thereby adding volume to the overall hairstyle. However, only a professional's dexterity can make the bangs look natural. Even a single flaw can make the artificiality evident.
Another method to camouflage your big and wide forehead is the classy chic style, featuring layers that form a special frame to the face. The ones who do not want to frame layers can go for choppy or asymmetrical layers. Layered hairstyles look elegantly natural, only if done perfectly.
In case you desire a side-parted hairstyle, you have a lot of options to choose from. There are different side-parted hairstyles that can create an illusion of a proportionate forehead. Especially if you can manage to fix the strands across the forehead, you can create the appearance resembling a bang hairstyle. To do so and to make sure that it stays easy, apply a little pomade on your hair. Next, make a groovy side-part and tie hair into a ponytail. You can also pin it up to get a little glam effect. This hairstyle can make your face and forehead look proportionate without you having to sacrifice the length of your hair.
Furthermore, you can either go for sleek tresses or curls, depending upon the texture of your hair. Make sure you choose an option which lets you manage your hair more easily.

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